4 Reasons You Need to Consider Before Neutering Your Cat

Humans are definitely fond of cats. Some adapt and some pay to have one. Nevertheless, there are numerous abandoned cats out there due to the overpopulated unwanted birth. Therefore, neuter is a common process that cat owners do to avoid expanding the breed of their cats together with the population of the neglected cats in the world.


Here are 4 reasons to consider before neutering your cat:

Also known as castration, neutering is the process undergone by cat to generally reduce the sexual desire of your cats and prevent the birth of unwanted kittens. However, after the surgery, expect your cat to gain weight and change its appearance. The absence of the energy from the sexual desire may cause your cat to burn less calories as reproduction is no longer a thing for him but still eat the same amount. 


Nonetheless, there are other more important things to consider before going under the procedure of neutering.

Decrease Cat’s Population

Neutering aids the increasing number of births of cats, including the unfavorable ones. Therefore, before you become decisive in neutering your cat, assure yourself that you do not want another breed from him anymore. Since the process involves the removal of organs for the reproduction of your cat, he could not impregnate female cats and won’t be able to produce anymore.


Boosts Health System

Neutering process is beneficial to the cat’s health for a longer healthy life as it calms and cleanses them, minimizes or completely eliminates the possibility of spraying and marking, and diminishes likelihood of prostate illness and zero risk of testicular cancer. Furthermore, sexually matured pets have higher chances of cancer. 


Increases their Affection

There is a high tendency that your cat would just lay and nap on your lap after neuter for having no care at guarding his territory to wait for his mates. In addition, due to their lower testosterone levels and decrease in hormonal behavior, they become more affectionate and easier to get along with people.


Reduces the Possibility of Injury

Without the sexual drive, your cat would be calmer and in silence.  As a result, your house would be more serene because your cat’s focus has altered solely into food. With that said, neutered cats have less energy to wander around which implies a lower risk of getting hurt in fights or car accidents.


The Vet to Help You:

Located in Sanger, Texas, Milam Road is a full-service hospital to companion your four-legged animals with the best care. We have a high-quality service and compassionate team. As a well-established full-service animal hospital, we believe in the convenience of having all your pet’s needs catered to under one roof. That's why we provided your pet with wellness care, in-house diagnostic, grooming, boarding, and other services all in one place.


We can’t wait to welcome your family!

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