Pearly Whites: Importance of Pet Dental Cleaning

A pet’s grin is one of nature's most adorable features. As pet parents, we cherish these precious moments. But have you ever taken a moment to think about the health behind...
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5 Reasons Why Regular Grooming is Essential for Your Pet's Health

Being a pet parent is a journey filled with joy, love, and playful moments. Our goal is to give them the best life possible, including tasty treats, cozy beds, and many...
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Protect Your Pets: Essential Flea & Tick Prevention Strategies

The health and well-being of our beloved pets are of paramount importance. One key aspect of ensuring their health is flea and tick prevention. Fleas and ticks are a menace to...
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Heartworm Awareness And Prevention: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

As a pet owner, you want to do everything in your power to ensure the health and well-being of your furry friend. One issue that can often go unnoticed until it's...
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Pet Dental Health: A Prevention Angle

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to live long and healthy lives. One often-overlooked aspect of pet health is dental care. Just like in humans, dental health is...
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Holiday Safety Tips For Cats

Thinking about how you're going to keep your cat safe throughout the holiday festivities? It's that time of year when you see your family and friends and enjoy a fantastic meal...
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4 Reasons To Try Our New App, Yourgi

Our team at Animal Hospital On Milam Road Center is on a mission to provide you and your furry companion with the best care possible. While we’ve invested heavily in providing...
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How Often Should Your Dogs Get Their Teeth Cleaned?

Just as you take care of your own teeth, it's essential to do the same for your dog. To ensure your dog's teeth are healthy and free of painful problems, it...
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4 Reasons You Need to Consider Before Neutering Your Cat

Humans are definitely fond of cats. Some adapt and some pay to have one. Nevertheless, there are numerous abandoned cats out there due to the overpopulated unwanted birth. Therefore, neuter is...
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Kidney Infection in Dogs: What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

If you've ever had a kidney infection, you know how uncomfortable it can be. But what about your dog? Dogs are domestic mammals, and their kidneys work exactly like yours—so if...
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How to Make Your Pet Less Fearful of Shots

One of the worst things to witness as a pet owner is seeing your pet in pain. But many of us, along with our veterinarians, dismiss the anxiety and pain that...
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Finding Great Pet Wellness Care in Krum

Pet wellness is a vital part of keeping our furry companions happy and healthy while at our side. Just like humans, pets also need routine wellness care to ensure a long...
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How to Accommodate Your Deaf Dog

Most dogs go deaf. It's a sad reality, but a usually unavoidable one. As our dogs age and enter their “third trimester” of life, hearing problems are soon to follow.  The...
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Pet Urgent Care in Denton

No pet parent wants to see their beloved furbaby fall ill or suffer an injury, but not every health problem is equal. Some health problems require immediate urgent care to ensure...
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Socialization in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can and should be socialized at any point in their life? From puppies to senior dogs, socialization is important to help dogs manage their stress levels...
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5 Tips to Protect Your Horse From Insect Bites

If you are an owner of a horse, you might just be aware of how bothersome biting insects can be for your equine friend. Horses are magnificent animals, but these gentle...
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Understanding Your Dog’s Arthritis

As pet owners, it can sometimes be difficult to know if your dog is feeling content, or if he’s hiding his discomfort. Just like in people, dogs can suffer from a...
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Understanding Heartworm in Dogs

As loving and responsible dog owners, it’s important that we make sure our dogs get proper healthcare every year. This includes getting their core vaccines, getting the proper blood work done,...
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Large Animal Medicine in Denton, TX

As a large animal owner, you are already aware of the tremendous responsibility it takes to care for a large animal! Animals such as horses, cows, sheep, goats, and pigs require...
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Take Your Pup Swimming in Flower Mound

If you’re looking for a new, fun activity for  your pup, consider taking them swimming! Swimming is a great activity that challenges your pup, provides a lot of fun, and serves...
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