Take Your Pup Swimming in Flower Mound


If you’re looking for a new, fun activity for  your pup, consider taking them swimming! Swimming is a great activity that challenges your pup, provides a lot of fun, and serves as a great exercise activity. If your pup has never gone swimming before, then you should start by slowly introducing them to shallow water, and don’t hesitate to jump in the water with them! At first, your dog may only swim for a few minutes but over time they will get more comfortable and more fit and will be able to swim for much longer.

Swimming also has a variety of health benefits that make it a compelling exercise activity for dogs. For dogs that have been through surgeries and other injuries, swimming can be a great way to strengthen the supporting muscles around the injured areas. Swimming is widely used for dogs who suffer from arthritis, ligament tears, orthopedic surgeries, muscle degeneration, and more. Some of the other benefits of swimming include:

  • It’s easy on the joints and causes less pressure than running does.
  • It can relieve stress and provides excellent mental stimulation.
  • It can relieve joint pain and strengthen the supporting muscles around the joints.
  • It’s great for dogs that are overweight.
  • It helps cool dogs during hot weather.
  • It’s a fun activity for both you and your pet.

Take Your Pup Swimming at American Pet Spa & Resort

If you’re looking to take your pup swimming in a safe and fun environment in the Argyle, Denton, and Flower Mound areas, then swing by American Pet Spa & Resort! Swimming is available to both overnight and daytime guests, and we guarantee that your pooch will have a tail-waggin’ good time splishing and splashing in our pool. Open throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall, it’s the perfect place for your pet to catch some rays and burn off some excess energy.

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