5 Tips to Protect Your Horse From Insect Bites

If you are an owner of a horse, you might just be aware of how bothersome biting insects can be for your equine friend. Horses are magnificent animals, but these gentle giants need a great deal of compassion and financial dedication for them to thrive. As a savvy horse owner, don’t let your horse suffer at the biting whims of insects: continue below to learn 5 quick tips to protect your horse from pests. 


5 Tips to Spare Your Horse From Flying Biters

  • Manure Management: Insects love to congregate on manure motivated by a need for sustenance and reproductive purposes. Therefore, an ideal way to minimize the insect population near your stable requires regular manure removal from the pastures your horse grazes. This will help minimize your horse's exposure to both external parties such as horse flies and internal manure-dwelling parasites. 


  • Protective gear: Covering your horse with fly sheets can be an effective way to guard against blood-sucking insects. In addition, your horse will also enjoy protection from the sun’s heat. Be mindful to always check and replace your horse's protective gear daily. 


  • Clean water supply: Mosquitos are infamous for spreading equine disease. So consider keeping their numbers at bay by introducing goldfish into your larger water trough. With the presence of goldfish, the growth of algae and mosquito larvae will be stunted as the fish naturally consume and clean your water of pests and grime.
  • Fly repellents: Naturally, fly repellents will be a great relief to your horse. Ointments are also a viable option and tend to last longer than sprays. 


  • Natural predators: In addition to implementing goldfish to your larger troughs, there is also the benefit of housing bats on the premises. Bats are exceptional bug hunters - consuming as much as 1000 flying bugs in an hour!


Our Team Will Remedy Your Horse's Pains

If you are looking for horse care in the Denton, Texas area, then look no further than Animal Hospital on Milam Road! We understand the struggle of protecting a horse from painful biting insects. That’s why our team is fully prepared to guide and answer any questions or concerns regarding your horse's physical health. If your pest problem is harming your horse’s health, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment! We’ll be happy to give your equine companion the care and treatment they deserve. 

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