Holiday Safety Tips For Cats

Thinking about how you're going to keep your cat safe throughout the holiday festivities? It's that time of year when you see your family and friends and enjoy a fantastic meal together, but you shouldn't neglect your cat while doing so. In this article, you'll learn about holiday safety tips for cats that you should follow. 


Prepare For Guests

Truly the best part of the holidays is the meal and celebrations you share with friends and family. If you’re the one hosting holiday dinners this year, you need to prepare your home and your pet to accommodate as many guests as you will be having.

Most cats aren't very sociable and get scared and stressed around new people. Everything happening around them may confuse the frightened animal and cause them to get hurt. A good safety tip for your cat would be to prepare a safe space for them to stay away from all the chaos. Make the place fun for them and visit them every so often to give them attention.


Cat Food Only

The feasts are usually the highlight of the holidays, and the one everyone looks forward to the most. The chances are that you prepared a wide variety of food staples to serve your friends and family. While your cat may be part of the family, it doesn’t mean they can eat the same food as you.

Many foods are too rich and fatty for your cat’s stomach. Consuming these foods can give them an upset stomach very quickly. For example, Thanksgiving turkey contains many ingredients that are harmful to your feline companion. Turkey stuffing contains onions, garlic, and sometimes raisins, which are all toxic for cats. Even worse, turkey bones shatter easily and can cause internal bleeding. A good safety tip for cats to follow is to stick to regular cat food only.


Protect the Trash

You may think that you're in the clear after the festivities have ended. However, there is still something you need to protect. Curious cats may dig through your trash to get to the delicious smells they've been sniffing. As mentioned earlier, these food scraps contain harmful ingredients for cats. It would be best to secure your trash bin or take it out immediately after. 



We Can Keep Help With Your Cat’s Safety

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