How to Accommodate Your Deaf Dog

Most dogs go deaf. It's a sad reality, but a usually unavoidable one. As our dogs age and enter their “third trimester” of life, hearing problems are soon to follow.  The most common form of hearing loss is age related, and usually encompasses the high to mid frequencies, but eventually total hearing loss is probable. While there are standard procedures that can restore your dog’s hearing, it is possible to maintain your pup’s quality of life!


Here are 3 helpful tips to help accommodate your dog’s partial or complete deafness:


  • Don’t Startle Your Pup: Now that your pooch can’t hear as well, it’s important not to accidentally startle your dog. We take it for granted that our dogs can hear us a mile away, but take away that excellent hearing and your dog might not be as attuned to your whereabouts as they once were. Be gentle when rousing your pup from sleep. For example, rest your hand gently on your dog’s shoulder, or position your hand over your dog’s nose. These more gentle approaches to getting your dog’s attention will help keep your dog calm and unstartled.


  • Be Watchful: Deaf dogs are more prone to accidents and require more supervision. For example, an old deaf dog won’t be able to hear a car pulling into a driveway, or avoid hazards such as joggers or cyclists. In general, keep your pup on a leash at all times when the possibility of getting hit by a vehicle is a risk. 


  • Increase Your Dog’s Exposure to Smells: Dog’s rely heavily on scent to fill in the details of their environment. Use this to your advantage and provide your dog with ample opportunity to sniff new and old scents. By doing so, you are helping your dog to compensate for their lack of hearing with a richer scent filled world.


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